Acutouch is a form of body energy work. The use of this word here is as a general class of energy work. It can be classed with other simular styles starting with the most intrusive and ending with the least: acupuncture, acupressure and acutouch.


Beginning Acutouch

  The following 3 part video class demystifies energy work so beginning students can start doing it on themselves, family, friends or pets right away.  

This is a great introduction for newbies or review for my students. It is also excellent information for those who already know another style of body energy work and are looking to broaden their horizons and add to their tool box of techniques.



Part 1 Introduction and Theory:

Bio Energy - Qi, Ki, or Chi

  • Physical: hold paired points and feel for pulse
  • Mental: Visualize to guide the subconscious mind to draw energy down from the sky and up from the earth into body and out to hands.


Pratice section makes up the last two videos in this class. Part 2 is on working with pain and Part 3 is for balancing the energies of the body.

Part 2 Working with pain:

Use local and distal points (either with the dantian or along line of body)

Part 3 Balancing Energy in the Body:

Learning to do the Microcosmic orbit for general imbalances and homeostasis.