Chi Kung Introduction
Chi Kung Intro 1) Triple Heater 2) Scoops 3) Wood Chopping 4) Side Stretch 5) Twist Stretch 6) Ankle Knee


Basic Principles


"Long muscles create long life"

Stretching is one of the most important things you can do for your body. It has a strong effect on ones mood and general health. Chi Kung offers many types of gentle, healthful stretches helping to keep ones muscles 'Long' and toned. The exercises also moves chi, blood, lymph, massages ones internal organs and works your joints.

“A wooden hinge gets no worms.”

Before there were metal hinges, wooden ones were used. The Chinese saw something similar between ones joints and wooden hinges. As long as they get worked, they will not get worms- they will stay healthy and useful. Chi Kung is a great, low impact, way to move your joints.